Paperwork/Online entry

Click on Word or PDF to download your copy of our 2019 National PPW

Age Groups:
0-11 months
12-23 months
2 year
3-4 year
5-6 year
7-8 year
9-10 year
11-12 year
13-15 year
Boys 0-4
Bpys 5+

Natural Beauty Competition-for all contestants competing in this competition. (Either as Primary competition or as add on) Because Glitz follows- Contestants can tan and wear a light minimal foundation. No Hair pieces, NO STIFF PAGEANT HAIR PLEASE, No Eyelashes, No Flippers, No make-up for ages 10 and under. (foundation to blend tan will be allowed as well as a CLEAR lipgloss and a Mascara so the judges can see their eyes against lighting) AA contestants, if you wear extensions and weaves as part of your everyday life- we do allow. These are quite different than pageant hair pieces. Extremely cost affective and time consuming to add. We do not want you to have to change anything about yourself to be able to compete.  WE DO NOT HAVE A CLOTHING RESTRICTION- Contestants can and should wear what makes them feel best. Beauty will be scored on Facial Beauty, Overall appearance, stage presence.


Glitz Beauty Competition- anything and everything- Bring it here!


OOC competition- anything goes in this event. You may bring your own music. You may use Props. Event will be scored on Modeling ability for age, entertainment factor, and Overall appearance. Time limit 2 mins.


Cruise Wear competition- This is the Main event! Imagine you are already feeling the ocean breeze. Let us see your most creative and inspired Cruise Wear attire/concepts.  Be creative- anything goes. You may supply your own music. Props are allowed. Time limit 2 mins.


Talent Competition- Not included in packages- Time limit up to 3 minutes.  An Ultimate and 2 Grands as well as division winners will be awarded.


Photo Events-

Natural  Photo- 8.5*11- clarity, facial beauty and overall appeal.


Print Model Photo 8.5x11- 1st impression/creativity/overall appeal. So many asked us in 2015- so we added!


Glitz Photo 8.5*11- clarity/quality, facial beauty and overall appeal

------when entering more than 1 photo per category, know that we use your 1 highest scoring photo. Our Judges each select 1 photo from your entries and score that individually- YES- your photos do get scored for all judges!! Not just 1 judge who is in charge.


Composite Card/ Series Board- 8.5*11- a collage of your best photos that tells a theme or storyline. Creativity, Overall Appeal and Quality is scored. Series Board is 10x20 collection- storyline of your photos.